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Dental nurse carries out botched cosmetic operation

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The General Dental Council (GDC) have carried out a misconduct hearing against former dental nurse, 41-year-old Adele Royston, after it was discovered that she had carried out facial surgery on her friend despite being unqualified to do so. The decision was made to have Royston struck off after she took time off her work at Russell Court Dental Centre in Bingley, West Yorkshire in February to carry out the procedure. The surgery involved administering a local anaesthetic to her friend’s face. She then proceeded to cut her face in two places to tighten her skin. Ms Royston showed “some remorse” when appearing before the misconduct panel.

Friend was at “considerable risk”

It was discovered that Ms Royston, of Norman Terrace in Bradford, had performed the surgery when she told the assistant manager of the dental practice in which she worked. She disclosed that she had carried out the operation at her friend’s house during annual leave. She had used an anaesthetic which was possibly out of date without being trained, and then she had made two incisions and put in stitches. She was suspended from her dentistry and an investigation was instigated.

It was ruled that Ms Royston had put her friend at “considerable risk” and it was concluded that she be struck off the dental register. The hearing stated: “The committee is in no doubt, and has no difficulty whatsoever in finding, that the facts that it has found proved amount to misconduct. Her behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with being a dental care professional”.

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