Compensation for Paralysis

If you or a relative have been injured which has resulted in paralysis you may be able to make a claim for compensation. After seeking medical help you should contact our personal injury lawyers Bradford who will give you legal guidance on how to make a claim for compensation.

The compensation that you may be awarded will help you pay for the costs of the treatment required to cure your paralysis as well as any loss of earnings that you may suffer when you take time off work. Therefore, it is important that you give all the details to your personal injury lawyer in Bradford who will assess the situation you are in and tell you what the chances of making a successful claim are.

Paralysis Injury Claims

Paralysis can be described as losing the function of muscles in the body. You can suffer from paralysis on a temporary or permanent basis. It can affect either side of your body or spread all over. Quadriplegia and Paraplegia are the two main sorts of paralysis that compensation is usually awarded for. Paraplegia is when paralysis affects the lower part of your body including your legs and quadriplegia is when both the legs and the arms are affected.

Car accidents are often the cause of serious spinal cord injuries. The spine is such a vital part of the human structure and contains a lot of nerves and sensory endings. Damaging the spine severely can result in paralysis which can last a long time. As well as being painful and hard to recover from suffering from paralysis can lead to a lot of stress as well as a feeling of being dependant on other people. This in turn makes it very hard for the victim as well as their family to cope with as it can have a huge impact on the life of all the people involved.

Paralysis can also be caused by stroke, trauma or defects from birth. The treatment can be hard and time consuming which is why any sort of compensation that you receive will help you significantly. Personal Injury Blaims Bradford solicitors** will be able to guide you on this matter and in relation to every aspect of your claim for compensation.

Paralysis Compensation Lawyers Bradford

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