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If you’ve suffered from a chest injury, the chances are you would have experienced severe pain and damage to your internal organs. Chest injuries are uncommon, as our rib cage does a very good job at protecting our cardiovascular system. Which makes chest injuries, when they happen, severe and potentially fatal. Therefore, it’s so important to get the right legal team behind you, and our Bradford personal injury solicitors** can be there to help you get the maximum compensation possible. 

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Most Common Causes of Chest Injury

An injury to the chest can be caused by so many different accidents – but something must have gone seriously wrong for such an important part of our body to become injured.

Chest Injury – Accidents at Work in Bradford

If you’ve suffered a chest injury at work from any of the following types of accidents, your employer is more than likely liable, and you will stand a strong chance of receiving compensation.

Injuries to the Chest in Bradford‘s Public Places

If you’re visiting a Bradford local business, the last thing you want to think about is your safety. Business owners have a duty of care to your health, which makes them liable when accidents do happen. Frequently, patrons are injured by slipping, tripping, or falling accidents – which isn’t often a cause of chest injury. However, collapsing store units, displays, and other promotional areas can crush people – and significant incidents can cause serious chest injuries.

Injuries to the Chest from Road Traffic Accidents in Bradford

Most will associate road traffic accidents in Bradford with whiplash from car crashes. However, serious accidents can cause seatbelts to inflict a significant chest injury on a person. And those not wearing seatbelts, such as motorcyclists and bicycle users, can be thrown from their vehicle, leaving them prone to a multitude of injuries that are severe. Even as a pedestrian, being knocked down by a vehicle going the speed limit can cause high impact injuries to the chest area, as we instinctively move to protect our head.

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Chest Injury – the Different Types

There aren’t many different forms of chest injury, but they are almost all very serious. Bruising causes extreme discomfort, broken ribs can puncture organs, organs themselves can fail. In the worst of these cases, the injuries can prove fatal.

Occupational illnesses are considered types of injury – as they cause a loss to the sufferer. Common industrial diseases that affect the chest are:

If you have developed any of these, there may be a strong chance conditions in your workplace are to blame. You would therefore stand to claim compensation.

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No matter how your chest has been injured, if someone else is to blame, you could be due compensation. Contact our Bradford personal injury team to get a free claim assessment. We’ll evaluate your case, and any long terms conditions your chest injury could develop, and give you an accurate estimate for your damages. Call our friendly team on 01274 051 685^ today.

Make a Claim for Chest Injury

Making a personal injury claim need not be a daunting experience, and chest injuries are no different. Our friendly team will help you claim compensation without the stress by guiding you every step of the way. What’s more is there are no up-front costs, so you can get your case evaluated without worrying about losing money. Call us on 01274 051 685^ to get started.

As with most personal injury claims, there is a 3-year limit on making a chest injury claim, which is imposed by the courts. It may seem like a long time, but some claimants could be out of commission with their injuries for some time as they recover. The main thing is that you don’t delay in making your claim to avoid missing out on your deserved compensation awards.

No Win, No Fee Chest Injury Claims

We’ll help make your situation even less stressful by providing our personal injury claim services on a no win, no fee* basis. This means you’re not going to incur costs if your case fails. We want all people in Bradford to have equal access to justice, and by having no up-front costs, we can provide that for you.

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