Spinal Injury Compensation

Spinal injuries have the potential to be one of the most serious types of trauma possible, and often have life-changing consequences for both individuals and their families. A spinal injury can affect any part of the body and can result in permanent disability or other mobility issues.

If you have suffered from spinal injuries, it is important that you contact Accident Claims Bradford to discuss your circumstances, and determine whether you are entitled to compensation.

Spinal injuries most commonly arise as the result of a road traffic accident. For example, you may have been hit from behind by another car, or you may have been involved in a head-on collision. However, you may have suffered a spinal injury as a result of a sporting accident or due to a trip or fall; regardless of the cause of the injury, Accident Claims Bradford will be able to provide you with a detailed assessment.

Spinal Injuries Compensation Amounts

The amount of spinal injury compensation that individuals are awarded varies depends on a number of factors. Whilst it is not possible to give exact amounts without knowing specifics of the case, it is usually the case that the more severe the injury, the higher the amount of compensation you are likely to be awarded. Other factors include looking at any financial loss that you may have suffered, any estimated future loss of earnings, costs of rehabilitation and the cost of any other specialist services that may be required in order to improve your injury. This list is non-exhaustive and there are a number of other points that our solicitors** will need to consider.

As spinal injuries are often complex, any claims for compensation may be more detailed than other types of personal injury claims. Further, the legal process is typically more time-consuming and there is the need for detailed medical reports and expert opinions. All of this means an increase in legal documents required for the compensation process.  As a result of this, it is vital that you speak to a legal expert about your claim for spinal injury compensation as soon as possible.

Spinal Injury Claims Lawyers for Bradford

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