Eye Injury Claims

If you have suffered an eye injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation. If you describe the circumstances of your personal injury to us at Accident Claims Bradford, then we will be able to assess the strength of your claim and, ultimately, tell you whether you have a case.

Eye injuries can be serious enough to lead to complete or partial blindness, or can only cause temporary discomfort. Eye injuries can be caused by many factors. Examples include glass fragments entering the eyes as the result of a road traffic accident, stones being thrown up from the ground when mowing the lawn, or even as a result of faulty machinery in the workplace. The eyes may also suffer cuts, burns or scratches, or irritation due to gas or chemicals.

Compensation for Eye Injuries

The compensation you may be able to claim will be in two parts. One for the pain and suffering you have experienced in connection with the injury. The second part addresses the financial implications of any expenses incurred as a result of the injury. There may have been medical fees or bills to pay. You may no longer be able to work. There may be special equipment purchased for your home to help with daily life after the loss of a sense as important as sight. You may be able to receive compensation for both past and projected future loss of income, depending on the particular facts of your case. The amount you may receive will be dependent on a number of contributing factors, including the exact nature of the eye injury and the effect it has had on your life.

If you believe that you are entitled to compensation, it is vital that you obtain all relevant paperwork relating to the accident and its aftermath. Documents including, but not limited to, travel documents, receipts of expenses, insurance papers, and medical reports. Any evidence you can muster to demonstrate what effects the eye injury have had in your life can be used in your compensation claim. You can ask to speak to one of our Bradford experts for more personalised guidance about your particular circumstances.

Eye Injuries Suffered at Work

In the workplace, eye injuries can be common. In such circumstances, the employer has a responsibility to provide adequate protection, mitigate any risks and to make sure that employees are aware of the hazards and any safety procedures and processes that may be in place. If your eye injury happened at work, our personal injury specialists can help analyse the evidence. We’ll provide you with further detail whether the employer is guilty of negligence, as this will form a fundamental part of any workplace eye injury compensation.

Eye Injury Claim Lawyers in Bradford

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