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Beauty treatment causes stroke

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Following a beauty treatment whilst on holiday in Wales five years ago, 51 year-old Elizabeth Hughes from Gosport, suffered a life-changing stroke. The stroke left her with a weakness in one of her arms, as well as problems with her balance resulting in her being forced to retire from her job as a nurse at Gosport’s Royal Hospital Haslar. Mrs Hughes collapsed several days after having a facial at Eastwell Manor and was rushed to hospital where it was discovered that a dissection to the carotid artery was the cause of her stroke.

‘Damages could reach up to £1.2million’

Mrs Hughes, who is sueing Eastwell Manor Limited for damages, has blamed the facial treatment and medical experts on both sides agree that the probable cause was due to cream being massaged too vigorously into Mrs Hughes’ neck by the beauty therapist. Lawyers for Mrs Hughes estimated that damages could reach up to £1.2 million.

Speaking about the incident, Mrs Hughes confirmed that she had felt a considerable amount of pain when receiving the treatment, but added that since she had never had one before, she didn’t know what to expect. She added that she had carried on as normal and taken pain killers to alleviate the pain in her neck, thinking it would pass. The pain continued throughout the week however, and she then became sick and started showing the signs of a stroke.

There has been no admission of negligence on behalf of the accused, however a six figure sum of compensation was paid out to Mrs Hughes during a High Court trial last month.

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