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Construction Worker Falling Off Ladder And Injuring Leg compensation solicitors Bradford

Berkshire man receives £150,000 for life-changing workplace injuries

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A Berkshire man in his 40s has been awarded £150,000 after sustaining life-changing injuries at his place of work. The man, a scaffolder, had been descending a 13-foot metal ladder to reach the ground from the first floor of the scaffolding when the ladder slipped. Work was being carried out on a block of flats in West London during 2012 when the accident occurred. It transpired that the ladders had not been adequately attached to the scaffolding by the construction company who contracted him. As a result, as soon as the scaffolder climbed on to the top rung of the ladder, it slipped causing him to plunge more than 2 meters to the ground. The man sustained serious fractures and injuries to his wrists and arms.

Never have use of his right elbow again

Since the accident, the injured party has received quite extensive physiotherapy over a period of months. During this time, he has been unable to return to work and is still in extreme pain. He is unable to rotate and flex his wrists and arms fully meaning that work would cause him significant pain. He has been told that the pain in his left wrist would become more serious as time passes and that he would never have full use of his right elbow again. His solicitor stated: “It is extremely unlikely that he will ever be able to return to scaffolding or indeed any kind of manual labouring job involving heavy lifting”.

Accepting the opinions of medical experts, the defendant’s insurer accepted liability and agreed to pay damages to the amount of £150,000 in December 2013.

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