Can I Claim on Behalf of a Deceased Family Member?

If a member of your family suffered a fatal injury as a result of an accident or medical negligence, you may still be able to claim compensation. It is important that if you believe you are entitled to claim compensation for a deceased relative, you contact Accident Claims Bradford to carry out an assessment. We will tell you whether any compensation will be payable, and whether that can be offered on a no win, no fee* basis.

Fatal Accident Compensation

Claiming compensation on behalf of a deceased family member is often referred to as fatal accident compensation. As long as there is another party at fault, you may be entitled to claim such compensation. Some of the more common examples include the death of a family member in a road traffic accident, or claiming on behalf of a deceased family member who has suffered a fatal injury after an accident in the workplace. Regardless of the cause of the fatality, if you have recently suffered from such a devastating loss, our personal injury experts based in Bradford will be able to assist you.

The amount of compensation payable will, as with most types of personal injury claims, depend on the specific circumstances of the case.  Some determining factors include whether you relied on your deceased family member for financial support. For example, if the deceased family member provided for their family and there was a reliance on their salary or other form of income. Financial compensation may help ensure that the family of the deceased do not suffer further financial losses. This example shows that it is not only spouses who can claim on behalf of a deceased family member; it may be parents, children or indeed grandparents. Further, associated costs such as funeral expenses may form part of a compensation payment.

Being in such a position is obviously an extremely emotional and difficult time, and any claim on behalf of a deceased family member can be a complex procedure. But by contacting our solicitors** as soon as possible will ensure that no time limits are missed and that you are given an overview of the entire process at the outset.

Claim on Behalf of a Deceased Relative

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