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Have you suffered from a personal injury in Halifax that wasn’t your fault? Our injury lawyers can help you claim compensation through our No Win, No Fee* offering. Call our Injury solicitors** on 01274 051 685^ or alternatively, you can contact us online to find out more.

We specialise in personal injury claims, offering legal representation on traffic and road accidents, accidents in the workplace, medical negligence, clinical negligence, slips, trips and falls in public, injuries from using dangerous products and much more. If you have been injured in any way, through no fault of your own, then our team of personal injury solicitors** based in and around Halifax can help.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike many law firms, we are local to our clients and their needs. Whilst we are experts in personal injury claims, we know that it is something that many people (hopefully) only go through once or twice in their lifetime. We have the expertise to ensure that you know exactly what is going on in your claim and what is required to make a successful claim. We speak to clients in terms that they understand, ensuring that they are aware of every development in their case.

Accident Claims Bradford have the resources of a large legal firm but apply it on a local basis. Our expert solicitors** know the Halifax area and will launch their own investigation into making a personal injury claim. We have an exceptionally high success rate and more importantly, a very high customer satisfaction rate. This means you know you are getting the best lawyers that will act for you and be there when you need.

What Do You Need To Make A Claim

Upon calling our dedicated customer service team, they will inform you of everything you need to make a successful claim. Our solicitors** will require knowledge of where, when and how the incident occurred, as well as the full extent of your injuries. Our solicitors** will use this evidence to build the strongest possible case for you to ensure that you have the best chance of obtaining compensation. If you have any proof to support**your claim, whether it be a medical report or proof of loss of earnings, if it can aid your claim, it should be provided to our personal injury lawyers.

How Much Could Your Claim Be Worth?

It is difficult to assess exactly how much your claim is worth because no personal injury claim is the same. However, we will use our skills and knowledge to give a rough estimation of what your claim could be worth, and use this figure as a base to ensure you get the entitlement you deserve. It is important to note that some cases are settled outside the courtroom. Our Halifax personal injury solicitors** can provide the representation to give you the best guidance, if negotiating a settlement agreement.

No Win, No Fee Personal Injury Claims in Halifax

We operate on a no win, no fee* basis meaning that if you do not get compensation, not only do we not get paid, but you do not have any unexpected bills.

If you wish to make a personal injury claim or take legal action following an accident that was not your fault, call our Accident solicitors** today on 01274 051 685^ or alternatively, you can contact us online to find out more.

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