Compensation for an Arm Injury in Bradford

If you have injured your arm in an accident that was not your fault, then you could be entitled to claim compensation. When talking about compensation for an arm injury, this is not restricted to one area, such as the upper arm or the lower arm. You can make a claim for either the upper arm or the lower arm, or both. Compensation claims can also be made for a personal injury to the wrist, the hand, and the fingers.

Arm Injury Accident Claims

Arm injuries can be caused in a number of ways, from accidents at work and playing sports to road traffic accidents and slips, trips or falls. The amount you can claim will depend on how serious the injury is and whether you were contributory negligent or not, i.e. whether you are to blame for your own injuries and to what extent.

Compensation for Arm Injuries

The following is a rough guide to the compensation level as far as arm injuries are concerned:

  • Minor Injuries – up to £4,000
  • Simple Fractures – up to £13,000
  • Substantial Disability – up to £25,000
  • Loss of Function (but no amputation) – up to £90,000
  • Amputations – £60,000 to over £250,000

In addition to the above, you can also claim back any other loss that is a direct result of the accident that resulted in your arm injury. For example, if you have had to take unpaid leave due to your arm injury resulting in loss of income or the costs of physiotherapy or the cost of travelling to and from the hospital or your GP.

If you have suffered an arm injury then you should speak to our personal injury solicitors** for Bradford who will help you to make a claim on a no win no fee* basis. Provided you come to us within three years of the date of the accident that resulted in the arm injury. If you are claiming on behalf of a child, then you should seek help from a Personal Injury Claims Bradford within three years of the child’s 18th birthday (i.e. before they turn 21).

Arm Injury Lawyers in Bradford

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