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Woman leaves M&S with ‘horrific’ burns

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A 44-year-old woman from Welwyn Garden City has suffered ‘horrific’ burns after trying to buy tea in the Howard Centre’s Marks & Spencer café last week. Donna O’Neill had two pots of boiling water poured over her, resulting in serious burns to her legs and arms. She claims that the design of the café’s counter is highly dangerous, and has called for something to be done to prevent the accident from happening again.

Miss O’Neill said that she does not blame the store’s junior staff for the incident, but said that something has to be changed about the counter’s layout. She said that the four-inch gap between levels poses a serious risk to the public. She added: “I am walking proof of that”.

Store manager failed to show any concern

Miss O’Neill is managing to treat her injuries at home, but has had to cancel a holiday to Greece over fears that the sun will worsen her burns. She said that she left her telephone number with the store after the accident happened, but claimed that the store manager failed to show any concern. She said that nobody apologised for the incident or inquired about her welfare.

A Marks & Spencer spokeswoman stated: “The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are very sorry for Ms O’Neill’s experience. We are looking into the incident.” She claims that the store attempted to phone Miss O’Neill, but was unsuccessful in reaching her. She also added that a refurbishment was due to take place, but is unconnected to the incident.

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