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Council pays out £3k to employee who tripped over

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It has been revealed, following a Freedom of Information request, that Sandwell Borough Council has paid out over £300,000 in compensation to employees in a three-year window, including £3,000 to an employee that tripped over a traffic cone. The data revealed that several payouts were made between January 2012 and December 2014, ranging from fall injuries to asbestos-related illnesses.

Of the £328,067 paid-out in compensation for injuries and illnesses, one of the largest packages went to an employee following asbestos-exposure. The worker received damages of £28,616. Another employee received £1,000 for ‘bruising’ sustained after being hit by a door, while another member of staff was awarded £300 for getting their jewellery caught in a door.

“compensation culture?”

Many worry that the money being paid-out in compensation to council employees will result in less available funding for vital community resources. Suggestions of the UK’s growing ‘compensation culture’ have definitely been drawn into the limelight with council employees being awarded large compensation packages for very minor accidents. One example that is frequently referred to is the Bradford council employee that was awarded £12,000 after being hit by a closing toilet lid. Another Ceredigion staff member received damages of £16,500 after slipping on a cream cake. 

Despite claims of a growing ‘compensation culture’, the Health and Safety journal Hazards states that claims have in fact fallen by 60% in the past ten years. It argues that this notion of a growing ‘compensation culture’ is based purely on the increased media coverage of claims. It states: “[These claims] represent real [personal] injuries … The compensation paid to them is intended largely to cover the cost of treatment and income lost while they were suffering from the injury.

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