Oil Rig Accident Claims

Working in an oil rig can be seen as one of the most dangerous and hazardous jobs because of what it involves and the environment it creates. Workers are often exposed to long hours and long periods away from home and loved ones. The tasks being carried out are typically complex and there is usually machinery involved. These factors mean that an oil rig accident is more likely than some other types of workplace injuries. Accident Claims Bradford are able to assist you in pursuing any claim arising from oil rig injuries.

Oil Rig/Offshore Accident Compensation

If you work or have previously worked on an oil rig and have suffered an accident, irrespective of the severity, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. After seeking immediate medical attention because of the chemicals and fumes the accident may involve, you should look to contact our lawyers ** for Bradford who specialise in assisting with personal injury claims. They will be able to give you detailed legal guidance as well as provide assistance in making the claim. Your lawyer will be able to assess the situation and give you a clearer idea as to the possible success rates of making your claim.

Common injuries suffered on an oil rig include those suffered as a result of a slip, a trip or a fall. If somebody else is to blame, you may be entitled to compensation as a result of the oil rig injury. There are certain health and safety regulations that employers must comply with. If these are not met, then there is a high likelihood that compensation will be payable. As well as minor accidents, it is the bigger and more severe injuries that make this job so risky. These bigger and more severe injuries generally mean that higher levels of compensation will be available, but as with all types of compensation claims, the amount is dependent on the facts of the case.  Regardless of the type of oil rig injury, you should contact our personal injury specialists in Bradford, who will help you determine whether you are entitled to compensation.

Oil Rig Injury Claim Lawyers in Bradford

Have you been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault? Our oil rig accident lawyers ** can help you claim compensation through our no win, no fee* offering. Call us on 01274 051 685^, or if you wish to make an online enquiry, please use our contact form.

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