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DJ suffers deafness after life-changing injury

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A well-known DJ has suffered a life-changing injury after an audience member let off a compressed air horn next to his ear. Lil Louis, real name Louis Sims, made an appearance at Sankeys nightclub in Manchester on 24 January but ended up in hospital. The DJ posted on his Facebook page, saying: “[the unknown audience member] may have ended my career”.

Lil Louis is a DJ best known for his hit French Kiss. The 1989 hit made it to number two in the UK singles chart, featuring vocals by Shawn Christopher. The DJ now worries that the incident could ruin his career.

“I don’t know what will come of this”

He said: “The compressed air that blasted out of the cannon was louder and more shrill than anything I’d ever heard … It hurt so bad, I jumped in the air and screamed.” After the blast Louis complained of severe ringing in his ears and a muffled silence.

After being examined by several specialists, a doctor diagnosed him with SIHL (sound induced hearing loss). SIHL is permanent hearing loss, but can be improved through a prolonged treatment of strong steroid medication. Louis still complains of not being able to walk in a straight line or hold his food down to eat. He said: “I don’t know what will come of this”.

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