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How is war veteran limb-loss compensation calculated?

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The UK currently provides medical care, physical therapy and the necessary prosthetics for military servicemen injured in the line of duty. The UK, and the US, also provides compensation to veterans who have lost a limb; however, the question is frequently asked, how are these compensation rates determined?

Meagan Lutz, a public affairs specialist with the Veteran’s Administration, said that it is a difficult and complicated sum to calculate, as all personal injuries affect people differently. However, the general premise is that compensation is based on an estimated average of how much money a veteran would lose out on earning due to their injury. Payments can also differ in accordance with the size of the veteran’s family.

Maximum of £570,000

In the UK, the Armed Forces Compensation scheme ensures that injured veterans are provided with a lump sum according to the severity of their injury. These injuries are graded on a scale of 1-15, with 1 being the most severe (such as losing both legs or both arms), and 15 being the least (such as minor scarring on the neck or head). A veteran with a grade-1 injury can receive a maximum of £570,000, while a grade-15 injury claimant can receive up to £1,200.

According to the 2010 review of the Annual Compensation Scheme, the levels are “set along the lines of the civil courts in negligence cases and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in the UK”. The Independent Medical Expert Group regularly adjusts the scheme.

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