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MPS reveals “Melanoma blackspot” amounting to clinical negligence

Posted in: Medical Negligence Negligent Cancer Diagnosis 

More than nine in ten claims over delayed diagnosis of melanoma involve GPs, according to figures released by the Medical Protection Society (MPS).

Within the last decade, MPS has opened hundreds of cases – working out at a new case almost every two weeks. Of these, a third result in claims of clinical negligence.

Dr Richard Stacey, Medicolegal Advisor at the Medical Protection Society, said:

These figures reveal a serious melanoma blackspot when it comes to delays in diagnosis.

“Now is the time to deal with this blackspot – focusing on prompt and appropriate action and better communication to prevent delays.

“GPs need robust systems to deal with diagnosis, documentation, referral and with results. It is important to explain carefully to the patient the rationale for referral, how long it could take, and what they should do if they are not given an appointment within the time period.”


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