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£4.5m payout to 10-year-old for brain injury at birth

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Colchester Hospital has agreed to payout £4.5m to a young girl who suffered a “catastrophic brain injury” shortly after being born at the hospital. It was heard at The High Court that numerous mistakes were made during Samantha Singleton-Parkes’s birth in December 2003. The young girl now suffers from cerebral palsy and will spend the rest of her life requiring around the clock care. Samantha, who now lives with her family in Brightlingsea in Essex, is due to receive a lump sum and annual payments.

Even though the accident happened 10 years ago, the family’s lawyer said that pursuing the claim had a “profound effect” on the family as the accident “is still very raw”. She continued: “Samantha’s settlement may seem like a lot but it will all be needed to look after Samantha on a daily basis and to secure her future needs.

“Lessons learned after every mistake”

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust said that it was “pleased” that the claim had been resolved, and that Samantha could live the rest of her life with the care she needs.  A spokesperson from the trust said: “lessons are learned after mistakes are made”.

Samantha’s family said that despite the birthing complications and errors made at Colchester Hospital, the special baby care unit and children’s ward provided great support to the family since the birth.

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