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Poor computer use puts employees’ health at risk

Posted in: Repetitive Strain Injury Workplace Injuries 

New research from energiseYou has found that the large majority of employees score just 55% on the key drivers of smart computer use. This suggests that the health of many employees is being put at risk.

Oliver Gray, Managing Director of energiseYou, said:

“With so many people failing to follow healthy computer practices, it’s no surprise that organisations experience such high musculo-skeletal related sickness absence rates.”

“It is a legal requirement for organisations to carry out workstation assessments but still many employers fail to do so. Not only are these employers falling foul of the law but their people are far more likely to suffer with poor health related problems, such as back problems, repetitive strain injuries and headaches.

“By training employees to use their computer smartly organisations have a real opportunity to reduce musculo-skeletal related sickness absence and improve the health, energy and performance of their staff.”


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