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Woman injured in gas explosion at home

Posted in: Personal Injury 

After a domestic gas explosion caused six injuries in Jarrow only a few days ago, another has now had a similar outcome in Barrow. Both believed to have been caused by gas leaks, it would appear that this is becoming only too common an occurrence. Are gas companies to blame for this reoccurring problem?

The blast happened this morning (Wednesday) in the kitchen of a home on Ainslie Street in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. The explosion demolished the entire kitchen of the property, also starting a small fire. Only one woman was injured in the gas explosion, who received treatment for her personal injures at the scene. The woman, who occupied the house, did not need to attend hospital, as these were only minor injuries who could be treated by paramedics, said Cumbria Police.

Street has been closed off

Police have informed media that a structural assessment is being carried out on the property. Neighbouring properties have also been evacuated incase of any residual problems, and the entire street has been closed off from incoming traffic so that agencies can handle the incident.

One force spokesman said: “A wall of the property collapsed. It is believed that a gas leak led to an isolated explosion at the property.” A spokesman from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service added that all residents have been accounted for, and that no major injuries have been sustained through the incident.

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