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Border staff receive £20k repetitive strain injury compensation

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Recent figures have revealed that border workers are claiming thousands of pounds in compensation every year for repetitive strain injuries. It has been found that dozens of staff are suing the Home Office with claims of injury caused by leaning out of the windows to check passports in France. This follows a compensation payout made to two Border workers, claiming they had “Calais shoulder”, a repetitive strain injury in the neck and shoulders, which saw them awarded with £20,000 compensation.

Repetitive Strain Injuries are caused by repetitive overuse of muscles, nerves and tendons usually in the upper body.  This has been identified as a major problem at Border Control as staff are having to lean out the windows for hours on end, known to staff as “Calais Shoulder”.  One solicitor warned that these claims could run into the hundreds as staffing levels continue to see cuts and the individual workload continues to increase. 

“I’m living proof it really takes its toll”

One Border worker, 58-year-old Pamela Smith won compensation after being diagnosed with repetitive strain injury, a shoulder injury and a torn bicep. The injuries left her unable to return to work for a long period of time. When she did eventually return, she was informed that her position was no longer available. She said: “Queues were relentless. I’m living proof it really takes its toll.

A Home Office spokesperson said that no comment could be made on individual cases.

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