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Daughter wins compensation for mistreatment father experienced in care home

Posted in: Head and Brain Injuries Medical Negligence 

A woman has been awarded over £3,600 in compensation after her father suffered a serious head injury whilst in care. 43-year-old Tracy Betteridge sued the Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust after a health care assistant used physical restraint against her father, 76-year-old Ivor Betteridge, who then fell and seriously injured his head.

Mr Betteridge was being treated for severe dementia at the Fiennes Centre in Hightown Road, Banbury, after his wife, and carer, Georgina died of breast cancer in 2012. He sustained the head injury in February 2013 and died the following March.

“highlights the significant problems throughout the elderly care sector”

A report published in May 2013 was unable to state the cause of Mr Betteridge’s fall, with one nurse saying that the agency health care assistant pushed him, and another nurse saying he simply stumbled. 

The health trust suspended the male agency health care assistant following the incident, yet only offered to pay Miss Betteridge £500 in compensation. She appealed the outcome and an agreement was met in April for £3,600 in compensation.

Miss Betteridge’s lawyer stated: “Tracy’s experience as a whole highlights the significant problems throughout the elderly care sector, where there are such extreme staff shortages that even basic care needs cannot be met.

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