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Doctor was unaware patient had spleen rupture

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A Stafford Hospital doctor discharged a patient with a ruptured spleen despite a paramedic classing his condition as “life-threatening”. 20-year-old John Moore-Robinson had gone to Stafford Hospital after he fell off his bike near his home in Sileby, Leicestershire. Even though the telecommunications engineer informed the hospital that he had a life-threatening condition prior to his arrival, the doctor that dealt with him said he only had bruised ribs and discharged him the following day. Mr Moore-Robinson died at home a few hours later.

The doctor that treated Mr Moore-Robinson, Dr Girish Sharma, said that he did carry out a thorough investigation before dismissing the patient. He checked for fractured bones and carried out chest and pelvic X-rays, but did not carry out a CT-scan. It was also found that the notes about Mr Moore-Robinson were incomplete. Dr Sharma said: “There are a lot of things that are not in the documentation.

Senior NHS manager sacked

Only hours after Mr Moore-Robinson returned home from hospital he collapsed at his home. He was pronounced dead at the Leicestershire Royal Infirmary in the early hours of the 2nd of April.

Since the accident, a senior NHS manager was sacked after attempting to repress details concerning Mr Moore-Robinson’s treatment.  Last year the High Court rejected the findings of the original inquest and ruled that a new hearing would take place in the near future.

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