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Elderly and disabled left without home care

Posted in: Medical Negligence 

A recently released report has found that a number of elderly and disabled people in Lincolnshire are not receiving the home care they need following changes to adult social care. The changes saw Lincolnshire County Council award contracts to 12 private companies to assist 3,500 people with their day-to-day needs, such as washing, dressing and eating. Now that this change has been put into motion, however, a number of the agreed companies are not actually ready to take on the responsibility. The local authority described the situation as not ‘ideal’, but said that help would be offered to those affected in the meantime.

One affected individual is the 91-year-old mother of Sue Berryman from Lincoln. She said that the company that was due to take on her mother’s care responsibilities was not ready when the change happened, which has left her mum without any professional care. She said that she and her family have had to take on the responsibilities because the company has not “been doing half the things they should have been doing”.

29 people left to transfer

The assistant director of adult care, Pete Sidgwick, offered his sincerest apologies to those individuals and families affected by the issue, but said that he is doing everything in his power to rectify the problem. He said that a total of 3,400 people have already been transferred to new providers, with the number of people left to be transferred standing at 29. He said that, in the meantime, these individuals are being offered “alternative care”.

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