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Family win compensation following holiday illness

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A family has been awarded over £12,000 in compensation after they all fell ill while on holiday in Mexico. The Blakeway family booked their holiday through Thomas Cook, which quickly turned into a disaster when they all contracted a severe gastric bug. After recovering from the illness, Mrs Blakeway fell on her way to the restaurant, leaving her with soft tissue injuries and in severe pain.

Thomas Cook originally denied liability but eventually compensated the family for both their illness and Dianne Blakeway’s fall. The family was awarded £5,800 for the illness and a further £6,500 for Mrs Blakeway’s fall – both were agreed in an out-of-court settlement.

“men in white suits seen disinfecting corridors”

The Blakeways had booked the holiday to the Grab Garibe Real Resort and Spa in Cancun as part of a 24-person group celebrating a family wedding. Mrs Blakeway said: “After the outbreak, the resort closed the restaurant for two days, whilst men in white suits were seen disinfecting corridors and rooms”. She said that their holiday was completely ruined by the illness.

Thomas Cook was sincerely apologetic about the family’s holiday experience and added: “Thomas Cook makes strenuous efforts to ensure the quality and safety of the holidays it sells”. The spokesperson continued by saying that they employ dedicated teams who undertake audit programmes and work with their individual hotels in the event that issues are identified.

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