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NHS negligence responsible for baby 1300 deaths

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Official figures have revealed that around 1,300 babies were injured or killed as a result of medical negligence within the NHS last year. Medical staff errors made during birth, which led to injury or death, cost the NHS £1b last year alone. Figures showed that one in four claims made against the NHS were successful, with the largest claims going to babies left brain damaged as a result of negligence.

Mervi Jokinen from the Royal College of Midwives said that more should be done to protect mothers and children. She said that these figures flagged up the need to reevaluate the service being delivered to mothers and babies, especially those at risk. She stated: “We need to make sure we work within teams with good communication”.

“more urgent”

NHS England defended the figures, saying that they make sure to deliver the best quality of medical care to newly born babies, however, agreed that more could be done to “ensure the highest standards of safety becomes more urgent”.

Alan Cameron from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said that the children left with brain damage as a result of medical errors were the “real tragedies”. He said that cases whereby a baby developed cerebral palsy would receive a compensation package of, on average, around £5million. He made the point that if improvements were made, this money could be reinvested into the service.

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