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Police officer receives compensation for dog attack

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A Sussex police officer has been awarded compensation after a dog bit him while on duty. Figures were recently released as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, which detailed the claims made by Sussex Police over the last three years. Alongside the dog bite, another officer received compensation for slipping on a wet floor, and a third officer contracted hepatitis A.

One officer was awarded with compensation for a bullet-casing burn, receiving £500 compensation after the claim was settled out of court. The incident happened in Gatwick in January of last year when a newly trained officer fired a gun.  The bullet then bounced off the weapon and struck an officer on the neck. The officer was left with “significant burns”.

The officer that was bitten by the dog also received £500 in compensation. The highest payout made by Sussex Police, however, was £9,000 to a policewoman who caught her foot in a pothole in the carpark at Eastbourne police station in 2011. 

Injuries sustained during training

The police force has tried to decrease the number of personal injury claims made by their officers by improving their training. Three of the claims made recently, however, were sustained during training.

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “The nature of police work means that it is unpredictable and officers and staff can, unfortunately, occasionally get injured during operations, daily duty or training exercises.

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