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Cyclists pay the price for Britain’s potholes

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With claims being made by the Central Government that councils are to blame for the country’s pothole problem, cyclists seem to be paying the price. According to numerous cycling charities, over 1000 cyclists are injured as a result of potholes every year. Councils, however, argue that the problem is down to a lack of funding for road maintenance.

The government recently assigned £200m for highways, on top of the £3bn already promised until 2015/16. Pressure groups, however, claim that it will take at least £10bn to fix the colossal backlog of repairs required on Britain’s roads. The £4bn that the government is currently spending is only a fraction of the £50bn it receives each year in fuel duties and road tax.

Equivalent to a pothole twice the size of the Isle of Wight

Data recently published by Britannia Rescue found that there are around 295 square miles of potholes on Britain’s roads, equivalent to a pothole more than twice the size of the Isle of Wight. Research conducted by the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) suggested that Britain’s poorly maintained roads costs UK businesses around £4.1bn each year.

Chris Peck broke his nose and a tooth after falling from a pothole in Westminster. He required eight stitches in his face and received £4,600 in compensation from Transport for London. The cost of fixing an average pothole in Britain is around £50: proving a worthy investment.

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