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‘Do something different’ to improve NHS care

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As part of NHS Change Day, thousands of people working for the NHS across the country are ‘doing something different’ for the day to improve the care provided by the NHS. This idea came about after two doctors attended an NHS leadership course, which sparked the idea of introducing an NHS Change Day. This day is to help raise awareness and improve care standards within the NHS by encouraging its employees to ‘do something different’ for a day. 2013 saw 189,000 people pledging online as a result of NHS Change Day, with the hope that 500,000 people will pledge this year.

Last year saw a paediatrician from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust and one of the founders of NHS Change Day, Dr Damian Roland, taste the medicines that he routinely prescribes to children. After recognising how unpleasant they were, he began to work with his pharmacy to improve their taste, making them easier for children to consume. This year, Dr Roland plans to lie on a spinal board for one hour to experience the pain endured by patients who are in that position.

“Breaking down traditional barriers”

Many people have made pledges across the NHS, from chief executives to nurses and healthcare assistants. These pledges can range from providing a child with a teddy bear when they wake up from an operation; to helping terminally ill children understand the cycle of life by allowing them to grow plants on the ward.

Dr Roland said: “NHS Change Day is about breaking down traditional barriers and recognising that everyone who works in, uses or cares about the NHS has the power to make a difference.

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