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School injury claims at an all-time high

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Over the last year alone, Bradford Council has seen personal injury claims concerning injured pupils almost double.  With claims ranging from children tripping over chairs to children being hit by a swinging school bell, Bradford Council has been bombarded by claims in the past financial year. One teaching union said that the figures were a reflection of our “compensation culture”.

2012/13 saw 25 claims being made against the local authority, yet none of which actually led to payouts. The figures were released as a result of a request under the Freedom of Information Act, revealing that the financial year 2012/13 saw 25 claims made against the council, where 2011/12 saw only 13 claims regarding injured pupils. 2011/12, however, also saw one payout of £4,100 to a primary school pupil who got their arm caught on a bolt jutting out from a fence. 

“A plea for common sense”

The previous year there were 22 claims, which resulted in two payments. One primary school pupil received £1,400 after tripping over a rope in PE and hitting their face, while the other was awarded with £6,146 after their finger became trapped in a door hinge.

It has been argued by the councillor responsible for children and young people’s services in Bradford that parents need to use more common sense. Ralph Berry said: “It still costs us money to have to deal with [claims which lead to no payments] … It’s almost a plea for common sense in what’s becoming a compensation culture with the ambulance-chasers approach.

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