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Inadequate GP practices to be closed down

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It has been confirmed that the special measures regime for hospitals will now be extended to GP practices, meaning that those given the bottom rating could be closed down. This agreement, drawn up by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), will fall into play in October, with the hope to have inspected all 8,000 practices by March 2016. Practices with a poor rating will be given six months or a year to improve, or face closure.

The practices across the country will be rated as either outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate. Up until now, practices have simply been rated on their compliance with a set of core standards. Now, if practices are rated as ‘inadequate’ they will be given six months to resolve the problems; and if they are not resolved in that time, the practice will be put under ‘special measures’ for an additional six months. During that time, practices are provided with support to solve their problems. Failure to improve will result in a termination of its contract.

“It is about time we had something like this”

GPs across the country have welcomed this new method of ensuring the provision of top quality health care. The chief executive of Patients Association, Katherine Murphy, said: “It is about time we had something like this. But it does seem like a very long time for patients to be exposed to poor care while GP practices try to sort themselves out.

If practices are closed down, the patients registered there will either be seen by new GPs at the practice, or will be registered with other local surgeries.

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