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Mother awarded £2.25m compensation for son’s cerebral palsy

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After a woman’s son was born prematurely after she was fitted with a contraceptive device during pregnancy, she has been awarded £2.25 million in compensation. Cian Bowen, now seven-years-old, was born with severe brain damage and now suffers with cerebral palsy even though his intellect is still intact.

Ms Hughes’s case arose from the admitted negligence of the doctor who fitted her with an intrauterine device (IUD) or coil in March 2007 while she was fourteen weeks pregnant. After she was fitted with the contraceptive device she suffered from bleeding and found out seven weeks later that she was in fact pregnant. Due to the late stage of her pregnancy termination was not possible.

“Delightful little boy despite his difficulties”

The case was taken to London’s High Court where the settlement for damages action was taken against GP Helen Claire Jenkins. It was agreed in court that Ms Hughes would receive £200,000 in compensation for her own personal injury and for her and her husband’s past care – funded by the Medical Defence Union. 

Mr Justice Spencer said that he was satisfied with the settlement for Cian and his family and described him as a “delightful little boy – very bright and cheerful despite his difficulties”. He was pleased that the settlement would bring the family “the peace of mind they have been seeking”.

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