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Potentially high risk hospital still needs to make improvements

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Four months after a hospital was rated “potentially high risk”, inspectors found that there is still a lot of room for improvement. A Care Quality Commission report rated Kettering Hospital as on the verge of being ‘high risk’, with the report flagging up problems regarding the A&E department, the medical care being provided (especially for the elderly), and surgical procedures. Four months later, inspectors have identified improvements, but said that the trust is still not providing a particularly high standard of care to patients.

The initial inspection was carried out in September, which made worrying findings. The report highlighted particular concerns, including the staffing levels in surgery and critical care units. As well as this, infection control procedures and the safety of medication urgently needed to be reviewed. The only service rated as ‘good’ was the children and young people’s service. The report also highlighted that the standard of ‘caring for the patients’ provided within the trust was also ‘good’.

“Essentially services are safe”

The hospital said that great improvements have been made since the original inspection. The hospital’s chief executive, David Sissling, said that the hospital was committed to addressing the areas highlighted for further improvement.

Ms Allinson, head of hospital inspection, said: “I do not think patients need to be worried about going to Kettering General. The service is almost safe. There are things which could be improved, but essentially services are safe.

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