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Pothole compensation payouts on the rise

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New figures have revealed that in the last year alone, pothole compensation payouts have increased by 20%. The figures show that Lincolnshire County Council has made 1,500 payouts to motorists since January 2012, with the sum increasing from £133,015 paid out in 2012 to £157,266 in 2013. Lincolnshire County Council was labeled ‘pothole capital of Britain’ as a result of these findings.

Lincolnshire County’s highway boss, Cllr Richard Davies, said that the problem was down to a lack of government investment. He said: “there’s been under-investment for generations”. He also added that the payouts made by the council were a combination of both personal injury claims and damage to vehicle claims.

Potentially life threatening

The council’s highest payout was £9,615 to a member of the public who tripped on a pothole in June 2012 and suffered serious injuries. This payout was closely followed by another claim from an individual who tripped on a pothole in November the same year and was awarded £6,500.

A senior Lincoln member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, Gary Hill, presented the case that hitting a pothole at the national speed limit could be disastrous, and even life threatening. He said that if the driver has a flat tyre and hits a pothole, they could easily be pulled across the road into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

Earlier this year the council’s executive promised to match the Government’s road repair funding of £5.5million to help mend the thousands of potholes across the county.

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